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“Creativity is intelligence having fun!”
We strive to design the most effective and efficient websites, logos and/or content while still providing professional services to our clients.

Design-Unlimited offers clients a fully comprehensive service in designing websites, graphics and logos – click on the icons for more information on each section

Uniqueness in the marketplace

Previously know as eConcepts, Design-Unlimited has a unique role in the business environment as the company is small enough to offer a very personal yet professional service, but at the same time, has the resources and skills base to provide clients with very specialist needs normally only provided at very high cost.

Design-Unlimited also provides very advanced services to the smaller client in a cost efficient, tailor-made solution which includes shopping carts, online payments, artwork, graphic design, corporate identity, and many more.

Some Examples

Website Pricing

Design-Unlimited offers a number of fixed price options varying from as little as R250 per month on a 6 month renewable contract for a basic one page site to large custom built websites incorporating ecommerce, SEO, 100’s of pages and many more features.  All our sites can be added to, or upgraded. There is bound to be an option here that suits your pocket as well as your immediate need.

Some Examples

Our work

Dream-Unlimited has worked in designing websites for a vastly different number of clients. From Computer Hardware Suppliers to Restaurants, Virtual sites and B&B’s we have covered many different areas. But our sites all of the basics in common – they load fast, the navigation is simple and easy to follow, the images are optimized, and contact details all work.

Our logos and graphics take into account what the client is aiming for and are simple yet effective.

A few examples